Solid Fill Tyres

Solid Filling Tyres Extend The Life of Your Tyre

Solid filling tyres extend the life of your tyre and OTR Tyres’ subsidiary company, Tyrefill WA are the largest solid fill suppliers in Western Australia. Improved safety is another significant advantage of solid filling tyres. The process eliminates sudden loss of pressure, helps to handle overload situations, lowers the machine’s centre of gravity to reduce roll-over possibilities and improves traction. Once the tyre is filled and fully cured the chances of tyre failures and blowouts are eliminated, improving on-site safety.

Based in Bellevue, Tyrefill WA supplies the mining, forestry, aviation, construction and marine industries with quality solid fill solutions for their equipment. Solid filling tyres extends the life of the tyre, making them completely flat-proof and eliminating costly downtime. A polymer fill replaces air in the tyres with a liquid compound which, once cured, makes tyres impervious to nails, spikes, slag and rocks.

Tyrefill WA only use Carpenters world leading Rely® T-25 compound which is proven to reduce solid-shock, giving your drivers the same ride as pneumatic tyres.

Designed to prevent flat tyres and keep your equipment on the move, Tyrefill WA

  • Saves you money
  • Improves on the job safety
  • Extends the life of your tyres
  • Reduces downtime

TyreFill WA’s solid fill is an investment that pays for itself. For more information please contact us.

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