Visual Inspection

To prepare the rim for NDT, OTR Tyres carry out a visual inspection to determine no obvious damage that would prohibit the rim from re-certification.



Once visually inspected and no obvious damage has been identified, the rims are sandblasted to bring them back to bare metal so they can undergo uninterrupted non-destructive testing.


Non Destructive Testing

Once the rim has been returned to bare metal the NDT technicians examine the properties of the rim materials to identify any corrosion, cracks, burrs and other imperfections that might prohibit the rim from performing at optimal capacity. The two most frequently utilised methods of non-destructive testing at OTR Tyres are Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing.


Section Replacement

OTR Tyres carry substantial wheel section stock, ranging from 33″ through to 63″, allowing for the replacement of wheel sections if major indications are detected throughout the NDT process.



Once all major repairs have been completed any minor hand repairs are undertaken to improve the appearance of the wheel and prepare for painting.



The final stage of the certification process is painting. Once the rim has been dressed and removed of any slight imperfections, the wheel is painted to OEM spec, tagged or stamped with identification information as per the customers request and palletised, ready to return.


Why Choose OTR Tyres 

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Our extensive range of global partners means we are able to provide you with the best products for your vehicle.

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As a completely independent distributor of all major brands, OTR Tyres have the flexibility to offer the right brand and model to suit your situation.

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